Hey there ladies and gentlemen. It seems we’re back again, with yet another word press blog. Hopefully, this time around it won’t fall by the way side. Regular updates on server status, or at least something relevant to the various projects on the server.

Oh god I can’t type. Kept trying to but, the CTRL key was in the way!

Hostile Warfare

The clan portion of the site has been closed down, I may revert it to a web based game. This assuming I get time between work and other things.


This was the Minecraft part of Hostile Warfare and the server at this present time is closed while we decide whether or not what to re-open it as. Whether it be modded survival, or vanilla survival. We’ll see!

PA/NY Garage Sale.

Not my project, but still a project hosted on the server. Based in Bradford, Pennsylvania at the old Parkview building on West Washington St. You can click their name above to visit the website.